May 24, 2012

sp_MSpeerconflictdetection_statuscollection_applyresponse (Transact-SQL MetaData) Definition

Please note: that the following source code is provided and copyrighted by Microsoft and is for educational purpose only.
The meta data is from an SQL 2012 Server.

I have posted alot more, find the whole list here.

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sys.sp_MSpeerconflictdetection_statuscollection_applyresponse(int @request_id
, nvarchar @peer_node
, nvarchar @peer_db
, int @peer_db_version
, bit @conflictdetection_enabled
, int @peer_originator_id
, int @peer_conflict_retention
, bit @peer_continue_onconflict
, nvarchar @peer_histids
, nvarchar @originator_node
, nvarchar @originator_db)


 create procedure sys.sp_MSpeerconflictdetection_statuscollection_applyresponse (  
@request_id int,
@peer_node sysname,
@peer_db sysname,
@peer_db_version int,
@conflictdetection_enabled bit,
@peer_originator_id int,
@peer_conflict_retention int,
@peer_continue_onconflict bit,
@peer_histids nvarchar(max), -- content of MSpeer_originatorid_history in xml format
@originator_node sysname,
@originator_db sysname
-- security check - should be dbo or sysadmin
declare @retcode int
exec @retcode = sp_MSreplcheck_subscribe
if @@ERROR != 0 or @retcode != 0

if sys.fn_MSrepl_istranpublished(db_name(), 1) <> 1

if publishingservername() <> @originator_node or db_name() <> @originator_db

declare @publication sysname
select @publication = publication
from MSpeer_conflictdetectionconfigrequest
where id = @request_id

if @publication is NULL -- request does not exists

begin tran
save tran tr_statuscollection_applyresp

update MSpeer_conflictdetectionconfigresponse
set peer_db_version = @peer_db_version,
conflictdetection_enabled = @conflictdetection_enabled,
originator_id = @peer_originator_id,
peer_conflict_retention = @peer_conflict_retention,
peer_continue_onconflict = @peer_continue_onconflict,
progress_phase = N'status collected',
modified_date = GETDATE()
where request_id = @request_id
and peer_node = @peer_node
and peer_db = @peer_db
and progress_phase = N'peer version collected'
if @@error <> 0
goto UNDO

-- incorporate historical originator IDs into MSpeer_originatorid_history
-- @peer_histids contains the root : /peer_histids
declare @DocHandle int
exec sp_xml_preparedocument @DocHandle OUTPUT, @peer_histids
if @@error <> 0
goto UNDO

insert MSpeer_originatorid_history (originator_publication, originator_id, originator_node, originator_db, originator_db_version, originator_version)
select @publication, originator_id, originator_node, originator_db, originator_db_version, originator_version
from ( select *
from OPENXML (@DocHandle, N'/peer_histids/histid', 1)
with (originator_id int, originator_node sysname, originator_db sysname, originator_db_version int, originator_version int)
) as A
where not exists (select * from MSpeer_originatorid_history
where originator_publication = @publication and originator_id = A.originator_id
and originator_node = A.originator_node and originator_db = A.originator_db
and originator_db_version = A.originator_db_version)

if @@error <> 0
goto UNDO

exec sp_xml_removedocument @DocHandle
if @@error <> 0
goto UNDO

commit tran

rollback tran tr_statuscollection_applyres
commit tran


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