April 7, 2010

PropertyGrid fails to group a property marked as being in Category Behavior.

I found a small bug in the PropertyGrid when running 64bit operating systems.

I have some classes where I want to categorize some properties, so for that I ofcause use the CategoryAttribute class. thats common knowledge.


But all my properties maked as being under the category "Behavior" is listed under a group/category called "Type"
see screendump.

So far i tested this on:

Windows 7 (64 bit): Bug confirmed
Windows 7 (32 bit): No bug
Vista (64 bit): Bug confirmed
Vista (32 bit): No bug
Xp (32 bit): No bug

Bug found
The following list of category names will be converted when running the danish version of the CLR

  • Category("Appearance") = Udseende
  • Category("Behavior") = Type (the correct word for this would be "adfærd" or "opførsel" and NOT Type)
  • Category("Data") = Data
  • Category("Font") = Skrifttype
  • Category("List") = Oversigt (the correct word for this would be "List" or "Liste" and NOT Oversigt)
  • Category("Misc") = Diverse
  • Category("Position") = Placering
  • Category("Scale") = Skalering
  • Category("Text") = Tekst
The reason I couldnt figure this one out, was because Behavior translated to danish is NOT Type, so therefore it didnt make any sense to me, to look in any resouce file. :(

The forllowing data was found under: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\da\System.Windows.Forms.Resources.dll

  • PropertyCategoryAppearance=Udseende
  • PropertyCategoryBehavior=Type
  • PropertyCategoryData=Data
  • PropertyCategoryFont=Skrifttype
  • PropertyCategoryList=Oversigt
  • PropertyCategoryMisc=Diverse
  • PropertyCategoryPosition=Placering
  • PropertyCategoryScale=Skalering
  • PropertyCategoryText=Tekst

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