May 24, 2012

sp_MSmerge_upgrade_subscriber (Transact-SQL MetaData) Definition

Please note: that the following source code is provided and copyrighted by Microsoft and is for educational purpose only.
The meta data is from an SQL 2012 Server.

I have posted alot more, find the whole list here.

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sys.sp_MSmerge_upgrade_subscriber(bit @upgrade_metadata)


 create procedure sys.sp_MSmerge_upgrade_subscriber @upgrade_metadata bit = 1, @upgrade_done bit = NULL output  
-- this stored procedure is called every time the merge runs
-- however we will only do anything if we find that upgrade is in progress
declare @retcode int
declare @artid uniqueidentifier
declare @subid uniqueidentifier
declare @objid int
declare @qualified_table_name nvarchar(300)
declare @pubid uniqueidentifier
declare @subscriber_type int
declare @is_republisher bit
declare @source_owner sysname
declare @source_object sysname
declare @procsuffix nvarchar(100)
declare @range_begin bigint
declare @range_end bigint

exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSreplcheck_subscribe
if @retcode<>0 or @@error<>0
return 1

exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSgetMergeUpgradeSubscriberAppLock
if @retcode<>0 or @@error<>0
return 1

if object_id('MSmerge_upgrade_in_progress', 'U') is NULL
select @upgrade_done = 0
goto success

-- first upgrade the metadata tables
if @upgrade_metadata = 1
exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSmerge_metadataupgrade
if @retcode<>0 or @@error<>0
goto error

if exists (select 1 from dbo.sysmergearticles where sys.fn_MSmerge_islocalpubid(pubid)=1)
select @is_republisher = 1
select @is_republisher = 0

-- we will recreate the article procs and article triggers
-- we will only do for the subscriptions. For the publications the snapshot needs to be run.
declare #articles cursor LOCAL FORWARD_ONLY for
select distinct artid, objid, pubid from dbo.sysmergearticles where sys.fn_MSmerge_islocalpubid(pubid)=0
open #articles
fetch #articles into @artid, @objid, @pubid
while (@@fetch_status<>-1)
select @source_owner = schema_name(schema_id), @source_object = name from sys.objects where object_id = @objid
select @qualified_table_name = quotename(@source_owner) + '.' + quotename(@source_object)
if @qualified_table_name is NULL
goto NextArticle

-- we really cannot be subscribing to two different publications for the same table.
-- However there is a possibility that we could be

-- drop the ins/upd/sel procs which have names like sp_ins_*
exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSmerge_dropdownlevelprocs @artid, @pubid
if @retcode<>0 or @@error<>0
goto error

select @procsuffix = sys.fn_MSmerge_getartprocsuffix(@artid, @pubid)
if @procsuffix is NULL
goto error

-- update the names in sysmergearticles to use ins_sp_*
update dbo.sysmergearticles
set insert_proc = 'MSmerge_ins_sp_' + @procsuffix,
update_proc = 'MSmerge_upd_sp_' + @procsuffix,
select_proc = 'MSmerge_sel_sp_' + @procsuffix,
metadata_select_proc = 'MSmerge_sel_sp_' + @procsuffix + '_metadata',
delete_proc = 'MSmerge_del_sp_' + @procsuffix
where artid = @artid and pubid = @pubid
if @@error<>0
goto error

exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSmakearticleprocs @pubid, @artid, 1
if @retcode<>0 or @@error<>0
goto error

-- if the article uses auto identity range create the subscription entry in MSmerge_identity_range
if exists (select 1 from dbo.sysmergearticles where artid=@artid and pubid=@pubid and identity_support=1)
select @subid = subid, @subscriber_type = subscriber_type from dbo.sysmergesubscriptions
where pubid = @pubid and sys.fn_MSmerge_islocalsubid(subid)=1

if not exists (select 1 from MSmerge_identity_range where artid=@artid and is_pub_range=0 and sys.fn_MSmerge_islocalsubid(subid)=1)
-- get the range that was allocated to this subscriber before upgrade
if object_id('dbo.MSrepl_identity_range') is not NULL
select @range_begin = current_max - range, @range_end = current_max from dbo.MSrepl_identity_range where objid = @objid

insert dbo.MSmerge_identity_range(subid, artid, range_begin, range_end, is_pub_range, max_used)
values(@subid, @artid, @range_begin, @range_end, 0, NULL)
if @@error<>0
goto error

if @subscriber_type = 1 and
not exists (select 1 from MSmerge_identity_range where artid=@artid and is_pub_range=1 and sys.fn_MSmerge_islocalsubid(subid)=1)
insert dbo.MSmerge_identity_range(subid, artid, is_pub_range, max_used)
values(@subid, @artid, 1, NULL)
if @@error<>0
goto error

-- cleanup the shiloh entry for the identity range for this article
if object_id('dbo.MSrepl_identity_range') is not NULL
delete from dbo.MSrepl_identity_range where objid=@objid

-- Drop the default constraint on the rowguid column and create a new
-- one that uses newsequential id. This will help improve performance.
if @is_republisher = 0
exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSaddguidcolumn @source_owner, @source_object
if @@error <> 0 or @retcode <> 0
goto error

exec @retcode = sys.sp_MSaddmergetriggers @qualified_table_name
if @retcode<>0 or @@error<>0
goto error

-- activate the article
update dbo.sysmergearticles set status = 2 where artid = @artid and pubid = @pubid and status = 1
update dbo.sysmergearticles set status = 6 where artid = @artid and pubid = @pubid and status = 5

fetch next from #articles into @artid, @objid, @pubid

if @is_republisher = 0 and @upgrade_metadata = 1
drop table dbo.MSmerge_upgrade_in_progress
if @@error<>0
goto error

select @upgrade_done = 1
exec sys.sp_MSreleaseMergeUpgradeSubscriberAppLock
return 0

close #articles
deallocate #articles
raiserror(20691, 16, -1)
exec sys.sp_MSreleaseMergeUpgradeSubscriberAppLock
return 1

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