May 29, 2012

sp_MSscript_sync_ins_trig (Transact-SQL MetaData) Definition

Please note: that the following source code is provided and copyrighted by Microsoft and is for educational purpose only.
The meta data is from an SQL 2012 Server.

I have posted alot more, find the whole list here.

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sys.sp_MSscript_sync_ins_trig(int @objid
, nvarchar @publisher
, nvarchar @publisher_db
, nvarchar @publication
, nvarchar @trigname
, nvarchar @procname
, nvarchar @proc_owner
, nvarchar @cftproc
, int @agent_id
, nvarchar @identity_col
, nvarchar @ts_col
, nvarchar @filter_clause
, varbinary @primary_key_bitmap
, int @pubversion
, bit @falter)


 create procedure sys.sp_MSscript_sync_ins_trig (  
@objid int,
@publisher sysname,
@publisher_db sysname,
@publication sysname,
@trigname sysname,
@procname sysname,
@proc_owner sysname,
@cftproc sysname,
@agent_id int,
@identity_col sysname = NULL,
@ts_col sysname = NULL,
@filter_clause nvarchar(4000),
@primary_key_bitmap varbinary(4000),
@pubversion int = 1,
@falter bit = 0 -- if 1 script alter, otherwise script create
declare @colname sysname
,@cmd nvarchar(4000)
,@ins_cmd nvarchar(4000)
,@outvars nvarchar(4000)
,@rc int
,@qualname nvarchar(517)
,@fisqueued bit

set nocount on
-- security check
exec @rc = sys.sp_MSreplcheck_subscribe
if @@error <> 0 or @rc <> 0
return (1)
exec sys.sp_MSget_qualified_name @objid, @qualname OUTPUT
if (LOWER(@cftproc) = N'null')
select @fisqueued = 0
,@cftproc = NULL
select @fisqueued = 1

if @ts_col in ('null','NULL')
select @ts_col = null

if @identity_col in ('null','NULL')
select @identity_col = null

-- Create temp table
create table #proctext ( c1 int identity NOT NULL, procedure_text nvarchar(4000) collate database_default null)

-- 1st preamble common to all synctran procs
exec sys.sp_MSscript_begintrig1 @publisher, @publisher_db, @publication, @trigname, @objid, @procname, @filter_clause, 'ins', @fisqueued, @falter, @agent_id

-- 2nd preamble common to all synctran procs
exec sys.sp_MSscript_begintrig2 @publisher, @publisher_db, @publication, @objid, 'ins',@agent_id, @fisqueued

-- script single row handling
exec @rc = sys.sp_MSscript_singlerow_trigger @objid,@publisher, @publisher_db, @publication, @procname, @proc_owner,
@cftproc, @identity_col, @ts_col, 'ins', @primary_key_bitmap, @pubversion

-- script multi-row handling
exec @rc = sys.sp_MSscript_multirow_trigger @objid, @publisher, @publisher_db, @publication, @procname, @proc_owner,
@cftproc, @identity_col, @ts_col, 'ins', @primary_key_bitmap, @pubversion

-- script end of trigger
exec sys.sp_MSscript_endtrig

-- send fragments to client
select procedure_text from #proctext order by c1 asc

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