May 25, 2012

sp_MSrepl_backup_start (Transact-SQL MetaData) Definition

Please note: that the following source code is provided and copyrighted by Microsoft and is for educational purpose only.
The meta data is from an SQL 2012 Server.

I have posted alot more, find the whole list here.

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 create procedure sys.sp_MSrepl_backup_start  
declare @sync_bit int
declare @dist_bit int

set nocount on

set @sync_bit = 32
set @dist_bit = 16

-- security Check
-- BACKUP/RESTORE statements require sysadmin, dbcreator, dbo
if isnull(is_srvrolemember('sysadmin'),0) = 0
and isnull(is_srvrolemember('dbcreator'),0) = 0
and isnull(is_member('db_owner'),0) = 0
raiserror(18799, 16, -1)
return (1)

-- If this is a distribution database and it is marked by 'sync with backup'
if exists (select * from master.dbo.sysdatabases where
name = db_name() collate database_default and
category & (@sync_bit | @dist_bit) = @sync_bit | @dist_bit)
update MSrepl_backup_lsns set next_xact_id = t2.xact_id, next_xact_seqno = m.xact_seqno from
(select tm.publisher_database_id, max(tm.xact_seqno) from
-- max seqno of xacts not involved in partial tran processing
(select t.publisher_database_id, max(substring(t.xact_seqno, 1, 10)) from
MSrepl_transactions t where
not t.xact_id = 0x0
group by t.publisher_database_id, substring(t.xact_seqno, 1, 10)
having count(t.xact_seqno) < 2
-- max seqno of xacts involved in and completed partial tran processing
select t.publisher_database_id, max(substring(xact_seqno, 1, 10)) from
MSrepl_transactions t where
not t.xact_id = 0x0
and t.xact_id = substring(t.xact_seqno, 1, 10)
group by t.publisher_database_id
)as tm(publisher_database_id, xact_seqno) -- derived table containing up to 2 rows per publication_database_id
group by tm.publisher_database_id -- derived table containing up to 1 row per publication_database_id
)as m(publisher_database_id, xact_seqno),
MSrepl_transactions t2
where m.publisher_database_id = MSrepl_backup_lsns.publisher_database_id and
t2.publisher_database_id = MSrepl_backup_lsns.publisher_database_id and
t2.xact_seqno = m.xact_seqno
if @@error <> 0
return 1

return 0

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