May 2, 2012

sp_MSadd_merge_anonymous_agent (Transact-SQL MetaData) Definition

Please note: that the following source code is provided and copyrighted by Microsoft and is for educational purpose only.
The meta data is from an SQL 2012 Server.

I have posted alot more, find the whole list here.

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sys.sp_MSadd_merge_anonymous_agent(smallint @publisher_id
, nvarchar @publisher_db
, nvarchar @publication
, nvarchar @subscriber_db
, nvarchar @subscriber_name
, uniqueidentifier @subid
, int @first_anonymous
, int @subscriber_version
, int @publisher_engine_edition)


CREATE PROCEDURE sys.sp_MSadd_merge_anonymous_agent
@publisher_id smallint,
@publisher_db sysname,
@publication sysname,
@subscriber_db sysname,
@subscriber_name sysname,
@subid uniqueidentifier,
@first_anonymous int, -- 0 means this is the first time for this anonymous agent being ran.
@subscriber_version int = 60, -- 60=shiloh sp3 or lower, 90=yukon
@publisher_engine_edition int = null
declare @min_valid_day datetime
declare @merge_type int
declare @profile_id int
declare @subscriber_id smallint
declare @agent_name sysname
declare @agent_id int
declare @retcode int
declare @publication_id int
declare @not_exist bit
declare @last_status int
declare @last_history datetime
declare @merge_jobid uniqueidentifier
declare @by_pass bit
declare @retention int
declare @retention_period_unit tinyint
declare @success int
declare @expired int
declare @dropped int
declare @allow_anonymous bit
declare @publisher sysname
declare @subscriber_name_current sysname

-- security check
-- Has to be executed from distribution database
-- PAL check is done after getting publication metadata
if (sys.fn_MSrepl_isdistdb (db_name()) != 1)
raiserror(21482, 16, -1, 'sp_MSadd_merge_anonymous_agent', 'distribution')
return (1)

select @dropped = 0
select @expired = 0
select @success = 2
select @by_pass = 0

-- This stored procedure does not really add a job at distribution database;
-- if add a row in dbo.MSmerge_agent table for anonymous subscription for the
-- purpose of history logging

-- Check to see if the publication is valid and allows anonymous subscribers
select @publication_id = publication_id, @allow_anonymous = allow_anonymous, @retention = retention,
@retention_period_unit = retention_period_unit
from dbo.MSpublications where
publisher_id = @publisher_id and
publisher_db = @publisher_db and
publication = @publication

if @publication_id is null
RAISERROR (21040, 16, -1, @publication)
return 1

select @publisher = srvname from master.dbo.sysservers where srvid = @publisher_id

if @allow_anonymous = 0
RAISERROR (21084, 16, -1, @publication)
return 1

if @subscriber_name is null
select @subscriber_name = N''

if @retention is NULL or @retention =0
select @by_pass = 1

-- PAL Security check
exec @retcode = sys.sp_MScheck_pull_access
@publication_id = @publication_id, @agent_type = 1
if @retcode <> 0 or @@error <> 0
return (1)

select @not_exist = 0
SELECT @merge_type = 4
select @subscriber_id = 0 -- For anonymous subscribers, ID is always 0

SELECT @profile_id = profile_id
FROM msdb..MSagent_profiles
WHERE agent_type = @merge_type
AND def_profile = 1

IF @profile_id IS NULL

-- This is to handle Jet only
IF @subid = '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
select @subid = anonymous_subid from dbo.MSmerge_agents
where publisher_id=@publisher_id and
publisher_db = @publisher_db and
publication = @publication and
subscriber_name = @subscriber_name
and subscriber_db = @subscriber_db
if @subid = '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'
select @subid = newid()
select @first_anonymous = 1 -- for Jet, schemaversion should not be 0 in this path.

IF NOT EXISTS (select * from dbo.MSmerge_agents where anonymous_subid=@subid)

if @first_anonymous <= 0 -- only add agent entry for initial subscription only.
select @not_exist = 1

begin tran

exec @retcode = sys.sp_MScheck_subscription_count_internal @mode = 1, @publisher = @publisher, @publisher_engine_edition = @publisher_engine_edition,
if @@error <> 0 or @retcode <> 0
if @@trancount > 0
commit tran
return 1

-- Generate a job GUID for remote agents. This will be used by the UI to uniquely
-- identify rows returned by the enums
set @merge_jobid = newid();

insert into dbo.MSmerge_agents (name, publisher_id, publisher_db, publication,
subscriber_id, subscriber_db, anonymous_subid, job_id, profile_id, subscriber_name)
VALUES (convert(nvarchar(40), @subid), @publisher_id, @publisher_db, @publication,
@subscriber_id, @subscriber_db, @subid, @merge_jobid, @profile_id, @subscriber_name)

commit tran
select @dropped =1

select @agent_id = id, @agent_name = name, @subscriber_name_current = subscriber_name from dbo.MSmerge_agents
where anonymous_subid=@subid -- subid guarantees uniqueness

if @subscriber_name <> @subscriber_name_current and @subscriber_name is not null and @subscriber_name <> N''
-- Due to a bug in the upgrade code in yukon RTM that has been fixed in SP2 the subscriber_name column of MSmerge_agents may not be correct for anonymous
-- subscribers if the database has been upgraded from shiloh to pre yukon SP2 build. Running the following query to do the fixup.
update dbo.MSmerge_agents set subscriber_name = @subscriber_name
where anonymous_subid=@subid -- subid guarantees uniqueness

if @by_pass = 0 and @subscriber_version < 90 -- by pass the checking if retention is NULL or 0 or if yukon
select @min_valid_day = sys.fn_add_units_to_date(-@retention, @retention_period_unit, getdate())

-- only do history based expiration if there is a valid successful run information available.
-- If we do not find the history for the last successful run we will not cleanup.
-- however a seperate cleanup happens that uses the last_sync_time on the publisher. So
-- even if we do not cleanup here sp_MSdrop_expired_mergesubscription will take care of it
select Top 1 @last_status = runstatus, @last_history = end_time from dbo.MSmerge_sessions where agent_id = @agent_id and runstatus=2
order by session_id DESC

-- This anonymous subscription is gone for too long to be efficiently reconciled. Either reinitialization or
-- re-deployment of this subscription is needed. Merge agent will fail.
if @last_history is not NULL
if @last_history < @min_valid_day and @first_anonymous <> 0 -- do not check for re-initialized replicas.
select @expired = 1

select @agent_id, @agent_name, @expired where @dropped = 0 -- return empty result set

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